Stud sensor

By kateandcarla

July 15, 2011

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Photo: One of Dmitri’s new tools, purchased as part of the set that would ultimately allow him to fix our broken air conditioners. Yep, he did hold the stud sensor up to his chest and make the beep, beep, beep sound to indicate that a stud had, indeed, been sensed :).

Sometimes, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out everything there is to know about Dmitri. He’s not a morning person. He hates the texture of chicken. He’s a truly amazing dad. He quotes Arrested Development and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia all. the. time. But every once in a while, he does something so completely unexpected that I’m reminded that there’s a whole lot left for me to learn.

Take yesterday, for instance. While I was panicking and crying and worrying that I’d be forced to subsist entirely on grilled guacamole in order to pay for what we assumed would be major car repairs? My husband went to the store, purchased a new tool set (the enigmatic and mysterious stud sensor was included, in case you were wondering), and spent the morning in our driveway, attempting said repairs himself.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but initially I wasn’t convinced that he would be successful; after all, I’m the product of two totally mechanically-disinclined parents, and complicated systems totally baffle me. But when he stepped through the front door and said casually (while wiping the grease from his) his generally very clean hands), yepall taken care of —seriously, like fixing the car was no big deal at all! I was proud and relieved and more than a little surprised.

We’ve only been married for a few years, and although it’s been fairly smooth sailing–for the most part– up to this point, I know there are probably some tough times (in addition to some pleasant times, of course!) ahead of us; common sense tells me that’s just par for the course. But my very favorite thing about being in this relationship is the gradual peeling away of layers that I didn’t know required peeling in the first place. And the more I learn about this person I love (like that his calm reeeally helps to balance my crazy, for instance), the more excited I am excited to see that, as long as I can watch and listen and not let my neurotic tendencies take over, there are a ton of really interesting and unexpected Dmitri-discoveries left to make.

No stud sensor required :).


4 Responses to “Stud sensor”

  1. Dimitri had better be careful or he could end up in a snow tire in Minnesota!!

    Liked your article! Garu

  2. I think what with flying the jet planes and all D’s studliness was never in question, but I believe the chances of a happy marriage are much improved with a tool belt wearing, auto fixing, jar opening man. I’m just saying…

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