hello, kitty

By kateandcarla

July 16, 2011

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  Thank you, Boulder Humane Society http://www.boulderhumane.org for connecting the Ever Expanding Carwile/Williams Extended Family with our newest member. Bud–the one on the left–is about eight weeks old and making his home with Al, the one on the right, who is a bit older. 😉 As it is with most animal lovers, one furred being can never replace another, but it can become the next, new chapter in an ongoing story that ultimately tells as much about the humans as it does about the creatures.

Bud has big paws to fill, given the legendary Lynx, also a Siamese rescue, who left us last October. He was the scrawny, scratchy kitten who arrived to help fill the empty nest left when Al’s twin sons left for college. I’d been the one to see his picture on a flyer and called Al with the info. They became fast pals faster than I ever expected, which made that final farewell very difficult. Now, it’s a new season. And hello, kitty.

All of which has me thinking about the connection between our inviting new beginnings–even when we consciously know there will be an end to the chapter–and how we age. Not chronologically, but in terms of feeling alive.  Do we stay “younger” because we’re willing to risk ever more hellos?  Or do we risk those hellos because we feel “younger”?  Should keep me busy the rest of Saturday.

And a sweet p.s.: Because Al was out of town, I was the one who was with Lynx-the-Great at the vet’s office on transition day. It made it a little easier for me to tell Al and his sons that their Boy Cat left purring.  In the welcome room at Boulder Humane yesterday, I was the first to scoop up Bud. He immediately began purring.

Goodbye. Hello.


One Response to “hello, kitty”

  1. Hello, Bud! You’re a lovely boy. And this is a lovely piece of work, Carla. PS–you pick good cats!

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