This is, in case you were wondering, a picture of my daughter– now 15 months old– hoisting herself over the ottoman barrier and into the kitchen for more Goldfish crackers. We didn’t teach her to do this, but her love of those tiny, cheesy bites (which have totally displaced Cheerios, by the way) has grown intense, and there was no stopping my determined girl once she spotted a nearly empty bag in our open pantry.

Looks like all of the ladies in the house are pretty food motivated, Dmitri said. Then he chortled. Chortled! And for a moment– a very brief moment– I protested. But then I remembered that there was a container (now less than half full) of truly wonderful hummus sitting in my refrigerator (I used this recipe:, but used canned garbanzos instead of the flour/water combo and added extra chopped jalapeno), and I was forced to taste another spoonful for quality control purposes. For the millionth time today. Rest assured, the quality is pretty much under control– and the batch of hummus that I made this morning is pretty much gone.

Yes siree, it appears as if all of the ladies in my house are food motivated.

Feel free to chortle. I wouldn’t want it any other way :).


One Response to “Motivation”

  1. I had to come back to this post and look at the picture again because it’s so funny! She is one determined little girl, as fierce a spirit as her mother!

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