love song

By kateandcarla

July 24, 2011

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To steal a line from Brad Paisley:  She said yes. And we said wow.

The “she” in this case is Beth, the remarkable young woman introduced to our extended family some time ago and who feels like she’s belonged forever.  The “we” is the collective waiting for her and her new fiance Matt, Al’s youngest by a matter of minutes, to return from their engagement mystery tour.

This guy is a true romantic (I happen to know he inherited it from his father 😉 ). So their Saturday had included a chauffeured tour of “firsts” from their courtship, with the proposal taking place high atop Red Rocks.  Beth’s gorgeous, funny friend Anna had taken the lead in arranging a surprise post-proposal gathering. Now she was tracking the young couple’s way down the mountain via surreptitious text messages from Matt.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch two-story, 20 or so of us were enjoying reconnecting with those we knew and getting to know those we didn’t.  I had the chance to chat with Beth’s much loved Aunt Karen and her husband Rich, who shared that “his” fire truck–the now-mangled machine that was among the first to respond to Ground Zero–will be installed this week at the new Twin Towers memorial.  He would have been driving, except for a simple twist of fate. Instead, he lost 12 comrades and a major portion of his lung capacity, given the debris inhaled as he tried to find them.

The betrothed arrived, the bubbly flowed and the blessings were offered.

Pondering Rich’s comment on “fate,” I happened to think how Divine Timing had set the schedule for this entire, delightful day. Beth was still unpacking from her East Coast move to Denver when she and Matt met. She had taken a leap of faith feeling she needed a new, conscious start. Now, a year-and-months later, they’re beginning a journey to…who knows?


“Love can’t wait. 

And I asked if she believed in fate. 

And she said, Yes.”

(Song lyrics by  Jim Collins, Stephony Smith and Chad Brock)


2 Responses to “love song”

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple! (In proper Emily Post form.) And “Whooppee!” to you and Al. (I’m sure Ms. Post would agree had she met them.)

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