Pizza picnic

Photo: Yes, Lily is eating her “puh” on the floor. And yes, that is the T.V. remote. We’re terrible parents. But she’s using a spoon!

With the exception of her daily (mega)dose of Goldfish and the occasional bite of ice cream, Lily’s still eating really well (hallelujah!). She loves fruit, tofu, smoked turkey legs from the Smokeshack BBQ truck, and oatmeal with almond butter, and she’s never refused a vegetable. Ever. Seriously. And I’m totally relishing this time because I know that her eat-everything days are numbered.

But even though she happens to be very easygoing in the food department, it is becoming increasingly clear that she does have her preferences. And these days? She’d prefer to have pizza–or “puh,” as she calls it– for every.single.meal. “Puh!” she exclaims when she catches a Pizza Hut commercial. “Puh! Puh!” she implores when we receive our coupons-by-mail from Papa John. “PUUUUH!” she demands around dinnertime nearly every single night of the week while banging on the oven door, regardless of whether or not “puh” is actually on the menu.

And tonight? Well, after finding this beautiful recipe for grape and goat cheese pizza (find it here:, I was more than happy to oblige her request(s); I’ve been craving goat cheese something fierce, but we’ve been trying to reign in our grocery spending and I vowed not to buy any without a really good reason (and if this doesn’t qualify, then I don’t know what will. These brownies, perhaps? Hmmm… But I digress).

In spite of the heat, we decided to skip the grill and use the oven instead; it seemed like the fastest way (and tonight, fast was definitely important). I added a touch of honey to the goat cheese mixture just to make it a little more spreadable and layered on thinly sliced red onions after arranging the grapes. I also reduced a little balsamic vinegar and drizzled it over the pizza just before serving.

Lily ate an adult-sized slice and picked some of the grapes off of mine.

“Puh,” she said, satisfied– if only for the evening.

Puh indeed. Take that, Papa John– Mama’s in the house :).


3 Responses to “Pizza picnic”

  1. Listen, I don’t think your little sweet pea is going to stop liking eating everything. With habits like that early on, you’re golden! Seems like she is hard-wired to love flavors, textures, and all kinds of food adventures. Consider yourself very, very lucky!

  2. “Puh” is in the Lewis blood Doll-no way getting around that!!!Can’t wait to hear all Patti’s stories about this little baby chowhound after the trip!!!!

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