happy birthday, charlotte

“She had no particular breed in mind, no unusual requirements. Except the special sense of mutual recognition that tells dog and human they have both come to the right place”. ~ Lloyd Alexander

Today is my granddog Charlotte’s birthday. The fact she was born on the same date as my treasured Siberian Trinka, just 35 years later, plays into my love of synchronicities. I’ll take her a present (chewies, but let it be a surprise!) when we visit Texas later this week. But it’s her presence in our family that has been one of my most mindful gifts in recent years.

The story begins well before Kate and Dmitri brought her home. She and I were walking Washington Park, discussing their decision, and talking about options.  With the exception of a terrier mix who followed seven-year-old Kate home from the park and stayed with us for a few months until we could find the “right” home (which we did…and where he lived for a dozen happy years), my four decades of dogs have all been purebreds. Not because I’m a snob, but because I like the certainty that comes with particular breeds. The intelligence of Dobermans, the humor of Huskies, the mellowness of Labs.  The “you know what you’re getting” sensibility.

So I was bribing encouraging Kate to go with a retriever, telling her they could find one and I’d write the check. I think the argument was, “You don’t need any more variables in your lives, right now. I’d rather see you get a constant.”  She lovingly declined, saying they had a trip planned that September Saturday for Lifeline Puppy Rescue http://www.lifelinepuppy.org/

Charlotte came by my house before she went to her new home, and of course, I fell in love.  Happens with first granddogs, I’m told. She’d had a rough start. I was not sure how this story would end. But it wasn’t my decision.

Mine came the following spring, when I lost my amazing chocolate Lab Teak. Made arrangements to pick up a new puppy from a reputable breeder almost immediately. The “know what you’re getting” logic. Except I didn’t. Three years later, Ms. Bridge is still a work in progress. While Charlotte, the unknown, is the furred best friend and laugh-maker for little Lily.

Guess whose next dog will be a rescue?


2 Responses to “happy birthday, charlotte”

  1. A small correction: Charlotte was from Colorado Puppy Rescue. ❤ C.

  2. …if you pick up a dog from the gutter and make him prosperous, he will never turn on you.
    Mark Twain

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