Thanks, Don

Photo: Please pardon the quality of this picture– it’s hard to capture the true essence of a father daughter dance-off.

How do you celebrate a hurricane that wasn’t?

With a living room dance party, of course.

And if you’ve just bid farewell to a house full of usually land-locked family members who purchased a pretty substantial supply of “just in case” chocolate chips and shredded coconut, intended to sustain you all through torrential rain and vicious winds that never quite made it past the gentle mist and barely-a-breeze point?

Clearly, you follow up that glorious dance party with a batch of these coconut chocolate chip blondies: .

I’m usually a brownie girl; there’s no doubt about it. But chewy, buttery, brown sugary blondies are definitely up there on my favorite-desserts-ever list, and the chocolate coconut combo is pretty darn close to perfect. My chocolate drizzle never quite got drizzly enough for me to create anything artistic or beautiful looking, so I just used it to frost my bars (which actually turned out to be a happy accident– I loved the thicker chocolate bite, and the full cup called for in the recipe yielded more than I could use, anyway).

Yep, I’ll be making these again– and the hurricane/tropical storm/cyclone warnings will be totally optional next time.

But the dance party?  Definitely a non-negotiable.


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