$#!+ happens

By kateandcarla

August 7, 2011


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So, I’m walking Bridge in the park across from my home and thinking about the economy.  And not just thinking, but silently fuming and kvetching about how We The People could be in such a mess. And that no matter who caused it when, we collectively must clean it up. So, how will we do it if the old ways aren’t working, or at least to the level and at the speed we need?

At which point Ms. Metaphor spies something new secured to one of the lamp poles and starts laughing out loud. Thank you, Universe. I get the message.

The “new” in this instance, is a well-designed white container holding two rolls of biodegradable bags. Clean, easily accessible, FREE bags…which every dog-lover in an urban/suburban area knows are worth their weight in platinum when Fido decides to make a poo deposit and you’ve exhausted your own supply of recycled pick-up plastic.

As I read the simple signage, I learn this particular little life-saving (or at least eco-saving and health-enhancing) dispenser is part of a Denver-based private/public partnership called Poo-Free-Parks http://www.poofreeparks.com. Private-industry or community sponsors pay advertising dollars for which they are identified on the installation as the benefactor. Those dollars pay for regular servicing of current dispensers and placement of new ones. I’m guessing–make that, strongly hoping–that there eventually will be a lovely profit in there for the people who put this idea together. Until then, talk about karma points!

Millionaires who pay no taxes while work-hungry moms and dads plead for ways to keep their kids fed and healthy? That’s total bull-$#!+ anyway we look at it. We The People are better than that.  And we’re smarter than that.

On which note, I’m heading out to walk my dog.  We have a gorgeous, late-summer sunrise in Colorado. Bridge is ready for an adventure.  And I’m ready for some more inspiration.


2 Responses to “$#!+ happens”

  1. Flat tax? And revise exemptions? Garu

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