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By kateandcarla

August 11, 2011

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My younger sister Sue is spending the week with me here in Colorado. Funny how six years’ difference is a big deal when you’re growing up and nothing when you’re growing old. (Did I just say old?! 🙂 )  Days have been busy, as she’s dividing time between her in-laws, her business interests and my side of the city. But we have treasured several mornings of coffee and conversation on the deck.

I’m a coffee-and-milk-’til-the-color-is-right person; she’s a Coffeemate® kind-o-gal. But there’s no difference in where our talk heads given the opportunity.  First comes family news. Then comes future plans. And before dawn turns to daylight, there’s the shift to “remember when…?”

A couple mornings ago, that last piece led to remembrances of a recipe our mom used often as we were growing up–Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake with yummy broiled coconut icing. We thought we had reconstructed the icing piece (I want to try it on cake brownies for a gathering this coming weekend) but phoned Mom to see if we were on target. Five minutes after the call ended, she called back to read us the card from her recipe file. And if she, at 90, climbed up on the kitchen stool to retrieve the white tin recipe box with the red and blue flowers from the top shelf of her kitchen, I really don’t want to know.

Nancy, a family friend from Kansas City, once told my mom that her favorite memory of our kitchen when she visited as a girl was “…cake crumbs on the floor and coffee cups in the sink.” I think Mom asked her if she had any idea who might have been responsible for some of the cake crumbs on the floor. 😉

But if you’re feeling like cake and coffee today, I know a whole crew of southern Iowa folk who would tell you this recipe is a good place to start.


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  1. I love that cake, too. My recipe says Lucilles’s Oatmeal Cake. (Aunt Lucille Alley). Becky and I talked about it on vacation. Kathy asked me what my favorite cake was and I told her Lucille’s oatmeal cake. Love that topping.

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