The best tenderloin I ever ate.

Fifty years of weight watching have worn some pretty good grooves for my will power to track. But put an Iowa tenderloin in front of me and all bets are off. Which is why I’m reading this article, scanning these pics and wishing I were 750 miles east.

Yep. The rotisserie chicken salad I had planned for lunch now seems like a sad joke. I want that deep-fried golden glory of crunch and grease and soft, white bun with catsup, onions, tomato and lettuce.  I want to nibble all the outlier area stretching beyond the bun like rays on the sun and still know I have a full meal remaining.  And I want pickles.  Dill pickles. Sour.

If you’re a Food Channel fan, you’re probably familiar with the “Best I Ever Ate” program, where chefs discuss their favorite spots for chocolate and BBQ and every other deliciosity.  So I’m asking you–especially if you grew up in Iowa–who made/makes the best tenderloin you ever ate?

And since I’m too far away today to get a real one myownself, I’ll cast my vote for the ones served up at Wayne’s Cafe during the ’60s. Were they really?  Haven’t a clue.  But I do know that when shared with friends before a ball game or after a concert, they were pretty darn amazing.

Photo:  public domain


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