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Okay. I know I am more socially liberal than many of my friends and family members. No apologies.  I fully believe I was born that way. 😉 And I do intentionally work to understand others views and values.

But there are times when discussions on what is and is not acceptable/advisable in the society we have built together and share alike leave me speechless. Which should never be confused with wordless. 😉

This is one of them:

Really, people? And if we’re going to spend even a moment’s thought on “perceptions” and their impact on our children, I propose it’s time to take a little trip down memory lane as we amble up Sesame Street.

Someone should really have said something about Wilbur and Mr. Ed…what with Wilbur’s sneaking out to the barn for late-night conversations when poor Carol was asleep. She was convinced he loved the horse more than her. Infidelity? In family-time TV?

What about the son/mom relationship in My Mother the Car.  Oedipus complex? And in front of the children?

And what about Howdy Doody? Buffalo Bob made an absolute puppet out of the poor guy…and all for his own entertainment. Sounds like an abusive situation, doesn’t it?

Then there’s the fact that Goofy and Pluto were both Disney dogs but only the former wore pants and drove a car. Discrimination? I ask you.

And besides, look at how damaging those characters and their relationships were to the kids who watched them.

Look at us.


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