post-its in peckham

It’s been one of those weeks that wears you out. No big calamities, just a non-stop flow of small dilemmas, midsize decisions and date-critical deadlines that leave no time for deep breaths and long walks. So I began this morning with an email to Kate reading: no blog today. outta steam. love, mom.

And then I read this:

It’s about the response of the people of culturally diverse Peckham, England, in the aftermath of the recent street violence. The raw wood covering windows broken during the riots has been transformed into a riot of color through Post-Its of peace.  Some encourage the individual businesses affected; others urge calm. Many make brief political statements. Virtually all urge unity. Click the related article below and you can zoom in on specific notes.

Why this story touched my heart so deeply today I’m not sure. Perhaps because I’m trying to put some pieces back together that have been ignored. Maybe I could use some peace of mind. Whatever it is, I’m thinking a few Post-Its on my mirror reminding me of the many positives surrounding me might not be a bad idea.

“Life’s too short. Let go.” Note on window at Poundland, Peckham.

Photo:  Fin Fahey, Wiki Commons


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