Piquing my Pinterest

Image by GoodNCrazy via Flickr

As usual, I’m late to the party– but 36 hours ago I joined Pinterest (www.pinterest.com– an online bulletin board of sorts) and I’m totally, utterly enamored. Obsessed, even. I can’t.stop.pinning.

Not sure how to construct a vintage airplane mobile for your infant’s room? No problem; someone else surely does. Trying to find a recipe for the greatest brownie ever baked? It’s definitely there. In the market for a piece of corkboard shaped the United States? What a coincidence! :).

Obsessed, I tell you.

But I’m also really inspired.

Because although I’ve never considered myself to be particularly artistic or creative or crafty, I’ve decided that there’s no better time than the present to begin– and the collection of incredible ideas and images and various/sundry creations that I’ve found on Pinterest make it hard to resist rushing out to the nearest consignment/craft/specialty foods store immediately. Which is why, of course, there’s a pound of phyllo dough thawing on my counter (for galaktoboureko, found here: http://pinterest.com/pin/130640881/), and also why there are two empty black frames, just begging to be filled (inspired by these: http://pinterest.com/pin/7504711/. So cool, huh?), on the kitchen table.

I can’t promise anyone– especially myself– that these projects will be successful or beautiful or even worth the cost associated with my “artistic” experiments. But for the first time in a long time– and maybe even ever– I’m really excited to try.


One Response to “Piquing my Pinterest”

  1. i love it too!!! what a thrill when you see something on a page and you hit “pin it” !!!!

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