Each time I read another article on how our language is changing, I grin.  I’m one of those people who believes language is alive and should grow and expand, edit and evolve. It is essential that it haul in that great, global net of words that swim to our shores and release those terms that have outlived their usefulness. We can always step into the parlance pantry and grab the yummiest, richest, most evocative ancients off the shelf, should we really need them.  And as this piece tells, it’s not only words but symbols that are helping the new-us communicate.

Which makes it all the more fun to welcome a new term from a soon-to-be-friend born in Sicily and now residing in Florida.  Pietro is the significant other of one of my dearest friends.  And if this man can keep pace with the inimitable Susan B., God help him he is an amazing individual. 😉

Anyway, Pietro has given me the word nunya.  No, it’s not ancient Sicilian.  It’s cut-to-the-chase Southern for:  it’s none of ya’  business. Get out of my face.

And oh, won’t that word come in handy in these times.

If all goes as planned, Pietro and I will meet in the next few weeks when I help Kate and Dmitri make their journey down to Florida.

I can’t wait.

Sicilian proverb:  Cui scerri cerca, scerri trova.
English translation: Who looks for a quarrel, finds a quarrel.


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