To the (imaginary) class of 2028…

Photo: Our future grad at two days old

For the last twenty-two years, my body has run on school time. Every August– whether I’m serving as a student or a teacher or simply a mom to a toddler– I feel compelled to buy new pens and notebooks and perfect, lunch-ready apples, and when those familiar yellow buses emerge from their summer hiding, I am overcome with this incredible sense of hope and possibility and potential.

This August, however, my enthusiasm for all things school has taken a different form. And although I have had to fight the (less intense) urge to by supplies and fall produce and new fall clothes, I’m starting to get really excited about all of the totally awesome lunches I’m going to get to pack things that my little Lily is going to learn and experience and create when she starts kindergarten just a few short years from now (yikes! I’m definitely excited now…but I’m not quite ready yet). More than that, however, I’m thrilled to know that she’ll have the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people from all different backgrounds with very different perspectives who will be able to provide her with so much more than Dmitri and I can on our own.

Lately, whenever I encounter other little ones who are roughly Lily’s age, I find myself mentally calculating whether or not they could potentially be her classmates. And earlier this week, when two amazing women that I know brought two amazing babies into this world, I felt an incredible surge of gratitude : because both babies are happy and healthy and totally loved, of course, but also because  two new little beings have made their way onto the imaginary, far-in-the-future class roster that six one positive pregnancy test sparked just over two years ago. And if these brand-new beings happen to be anything like their phenomenal parents, this is going to be one heck of a group of kids.

I can’t predict the future, and I can’t promise perfection, and I can’t protect my little gal– or anyone else, for that matter– from the tough lessons that are par for the course. But I have every confidence– and a whole lot of hope– that the kids who are coming up are capable of more goodness and greatness than I can even begin to imagine.

So congratulations in advance, most precious class of 2028 (and 2029 :)). We couldn’t be any prouder.


One Response to “To the (imaginary) class of 2028…”

  1. This is so funny… I just had to do the math earlier this week to figure out when Claire would be graduating from high school. I, too, have been obsessing over sending Claire to kindergarten this fall! I LOVED school (okay, I still love it!) and I just can’t wait for her to paint and sing and write and play and make new friends at school. I couldn’t agree more!

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