Relative success

If I’ve learned anything in my 27 years on Earth, it’s that success is totally relative.

Sometimes, success is about bar-raising or goal-reaching or accomplishment-achieving. I’ve watched approximately one million Lily successes this year, and they– whatever they happen to be on that particular day– are always pretty amazing.

Dmitri, too, has had his fair share of 2011 successes. Like approximately one million perfect flights (because any flight without an emergency landing is perfect in my eyes), and that lovely set of gold wings that he worked so hard for.

But sometimes, real success– the success that I, ahem, have become completely familiar with– is about holding back and standing your ground and not giving in.

To societal pressure, for instance. Or maybe even peer pressure.

And definitely temptation.

Especially temptation.

And especially temptation when it takes the form of peanut butter filed miniature Ritz cracker sandwiches that have been coated in chocolate (find the recipe here: Because I didn’t even know that chocolate/peanut butter/Ritz sandwiches were a thing, but they are. And last night, when I came across this recipe? I just happened to have this perfect storm (chocolate and peanut butter and Ritz crackers, which we never, ever buy) just sitting, forlorn, in my pantry.

Clearly, I made the tough choice; I opted to eat 3/4 of the box of plain Ritz crackers because I’m still doing my best to avoid sugar (ha, ha).

But I know that I won’t be able to hold out forever.

And that’s ok, too. Because if I’ve learned anything else in my 27 years on Earth, it’s that failure isn’t always so terrible.

Sometimes, in fact, it’s really, really salty peanut buttery sweet.


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