to all the blogs I will not write

This is SO not my fault.

Here I was, yesterday, minding my own business, pondering blog topics, catching up on online news stories between projects. Then this appears on the RSS:

Of all the Saturday Night Live skits I have watched over 30+ years, the public radio parody with Alec Baldwin discussing holiday treats is THE one that dissolves me every time.  The combination of the ultra-low-key delivery and the comedic faces that do not break is amazing. And when the bit is filled with double entendres wrapped in chocolate…well, you get the picture. And it’s not pretty.

Also, I do a lot of branding work with companies and not-for-profits. It’s usually serious, strategic thinking. So the very idea that the marketing gurus at Ben & Jerry’s laughed their way through such a naming/brand leveraging decision was good for my little free-market soul. This is a company with an immense social conscience and network. And their home state of Vermont could use a little laughter after Irene blew down the dairy-barn doors.

No, the reason I will not be writing a true blog about this topic is due to the influence of two powerful women in my life. No, not my mom…she would laugh out loud if I told her all the pieces and parts. It’s the late Mrs. Maude Young, my senior English teacher at SCHS, and my very present daughter Kate.  The former would use her infamous phrase about “resisting the temptation to cave to our baser human instincts.”  The latter would say it’s one more example that her mother “has the humor threshold of a 7th grade boy.”

So, there. I won’t blog about it.  It might dispel this carefully honed perception many of my clients carry that I am above such “base responses” (thank you, Mrs. Young). Nor will I blog about the new Walmartian music video sent to me by my oh-so-sophisticated friend ___________…

Well, you know you are. 😉

~ Carla. 9.8.11

P.S.  If you should feel like a double-dip entendre, here’s the skit:


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