Elmo, everlasting

By kateandcarla

September 15, 2011

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Seventeen months in, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve already done most of those “bad parent” things that I swore I’d never do when I had kids of my own.

Like feed my child pizza three times in one week, for instance (takeout, frozen, and homemade, respectively).

Or use my own saliva to wipe food smudges off of her face (see above regarding our post-move “puh”-only diet).

Or allow her to watch much television before her second birthday.

But this week, because we are without furniture and toys and patience and kitchen tools (and, apparently, napkins), I have broken almost all of my (decidedly silly) self-imposed rules– and I have to say it’s been really good for all of us. Especially the whole T.V. thing. What can I say? Sometimes I really, really need a break– and sometimes Lily really, really needs a (major) distraction.

She’s not watching reruns of Sex in the City or getting sucked into Jersey Shore marathons like her parents, I promise– but she has discovered the glory that is Elmo on YouTube, and she is absolutely, positively in love.We’ve watched our favorite furry red monster and Natalie Portman play “The Elephant and the Princess’; we’ve listened to Andrea Bocelli sing him to sleep; we’ve giggled through Ricky Gervais’s celebrity lullaby (and poor Elmo’s post-lullaby frayed nerves); and I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be able to hear Feist’s “1, 2, 3, 4” again without also singing monsters walking across the floor.

I’m not sure what exactly makes Elmo so darn irresistible to little kids, but Lily can’t get enough– and his endless gentleness and enthusiasm are, after all of these years, a pretty amazing reminder of how exciting and wonderful the world looks when you’re a 3 year-old furry red monster. And if, like me, you find that you’re way too caught up the the totally lame day-to-day chaos that you suspect might not be as significant as it seems (or even if you are totally well adjusted and simply want to watch hilarious old Sesame Street clips), I highly recommend that you hightail it on over to YouTube and start here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc20vMz0V7Q.

Perhaps a slice of pizza might even enhance your Elmo watching.

And if you happen to get a saucy smudge or two on your face, obviously feel free to give me a call– I’d be more than happy to help you take care of it.


3 Responses to “Elmo, everlasting”

  1. Motherspit cleans and cures a great many things.

  2. We LOVE elmo on youtube…too bad he’s not on TV here 😦 Also…read the comments on the Princess and Elephant, there’s a pretty funny reference to Elmo doing the “helicopter” … I just about died (really mature, I know)

    • We must be equally mature, because Dmitri and I are cracking up, too :). By the way, our Target (we are so freaking excited to live in a city with a Target again– that year in Mississippi sans Target just about killed us, so I sort of feel your pain out there in Abu Dhabi…but I know it’s not the same :)) seems to have a pretty great Missoni selection if you want us to pick anything up for you/Elise. Those little ballet flats are so darn cute…

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