Moving on up

By kateandcarla

September 19, 2011

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It’s been a stressful week– toddlers don’t sit still like babies do, FYI– and we’ve been taking it out on dinner.

And lunch.

If I’m going to be completely honest here, I suppose that we’ve been taking it out on breakfast and dessert, too.

This move has taken us from a three-bedroom house with a fenced yard to a two-bedroom condo with a tiny community courtyard, but we’re pretty pumped about living in a big city again. Cramming all of our stuff into a place that was clearly not designed for a family with so much stuff, however, has been quite a challenge, and we’ve been forced to use our kitchen as a holding area.

Needless to say, cooking has gone by the wayside the week–but we’ve managed to keep from starving: Einstein’s Bagels is a hop, skip, and and a jump away from where we are now, as are Starbucks and a Greek place and a southwestern grill and a deli and two pizza parlors. In fact, my pants are probably a little tighter than they were when we arrived last Saturday. But after so many days without home-cooked meals, our regular restaurant fare is starting to taste a little…off.

Not bad, necessarily– but definitely off. Too salty, too sweet, not garlicky enough…our explanations run the gamut. But I’m starting to suspect that the real reason our take-out meals have left us less than satisfied is because they’ve been missing those other totally cliche missing ingredients that are generally only present in meals cooked by/for people that you love/love you.

So that’s the plan, beginning tomorrow. While I’ll totally miss my grande soy latte…and my pumpkin bagel with peanut butter…and my veggie green chile…and my self-serve fro-yo…I think I’m even more excited to get back into the kitchen so that I can make some real food. And I think that I’ll start here: Because nothing says fall quite like a great big pot of soup.

Except maybe a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks…or a great big bowl of frozen yogurt with toppings galore…or pesto pizza from the shop across the street…

Change is in the air. Obviously. :).


2 Responses to “Moving on up”

  1. Awwww, great to hear from you !!!! Hang in there!

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