On the record

Photo courtesy of Dmitri and his new(ish) camera. This is the incredible statue/fountain in the park near our house.

Yesterday morning, while walking with my two little girls (and my mom! She’s in my city!), it hit me that Lily is quite possibly old enough to remember some of the day-to-day happenings in our house (and, unfortunately, our daily parental missteps :)).

Knowing that we’re now officially on the record is sort of terrifying– and it’s also sort of awesome. Because it means that we are constantly aware that we must be responsible and intentional and accountable, and because it also means that an excursion like yesterday’s– a simple walk in the park with G on a beautiful, sunny day– is more, somehow, than just a simple walk in the park.

So we do our best to remember to point out the little things–flowers and bugs and blades of grass– as well as the big things: the river, the trees, and the giant bronze statue that we pass every morning. We watch and we touch and we sniff and we listen and we hope that this is the stuff that sticks.But if these images– the angel fountain, and the flowers, and the waggly-tailed dog–fail to make any lasting impressions (I have to remind myself that Lily is, after all, only one), we hope she somehow manages to remember the feelings: that she is loved, totally and unconditionally and beyond all measure, simply because she decided to show up.


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