cat call

By kateandcarla

October 1, 2011

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A week with Lily and her ever-present stuffed kitty Callie deposited a million sweet miaows in my memory bank. But the kitty Al and I watched walking a ridge on Green Mountain at daylight this morning would have voiced a cat call of a different kind. Except for the fact that its mouth was full of breakfast-to-be.

We weren’t sure what we were seeing when the silhouette first started up the slope.  Coyote? Deer? Then, as the mountain lion crested the top and the sun hit it fully, we could see the pretty tail-flipping kitty and its prey. Powerful.

Checking my animal symbol resources when I got home, I learned mountain lion “…mirrors the feminine ability to cut to the heart of an issue and take incisive action. It is graceful and balances intention, strength and responsibility…it is leadership, freedom.” (Source:

Not a bad way to begin October.


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  1. A p.s. – Somehow, the attribution for this gorgeous photo didn’t appear in the post. Thank you / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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