Yes, this is a picture of a dead dragonfly.

They’re out in full force right now (both alive and not), and there is something so amazing and beautiful and prehistoric looking about them that I couldn’t help but snap a photo this morning as Charlotte and I made our way around the park across the street. And although I hate this reminder that endings are just as dependable– and just as necessary–as beginnings and middles, the temporary-ness of it all made the dragonfly party in the park that we happened to catch on our dusk-walk tonight that much more beautiful.

This month, on the blog and in our lives, we’ve decided that we want to celebrate the harvest in all its dimensions. From the gathering of what has grown from the seeds we–and others–have planted, to the seasonal closure of all things living.We firmly believe that the ability to stop, notice and say this is good changes both the moment and the future– and, if you’re interested (and willing to share, of course)– we’d love to hear about your personal harvest this year.

What are you celebrating? How are you celebrating? And what, in your opinion, is the best way to honor a season’s (or many seasons’ ) growth? 


2 Responses to “Harvest”

  1. I think you’ve discovered the secret to celebrating anything and everything: stop and notice, especially the details. And gratitude for each and every little thing is like an anchor for those impressions, in my experience, a little extra burst of neural energy that makes them stick with us.

    P.S. Wish I could have seen your dragonfly party. Too lovely.

  2. Last week on the eve of a 2 1/2 day tuna catching trip while we were at the bait barge a draggon fly flew through the open rear doors of our boat. Instead of killing it as a nuisance, one of my fellow senior anglers caught it, transported it outside and stated, “now the fish gods will bless us”!! Instead of smiling on us, the fish gods errupted in laughter and our catch of 375+ tuna, Yellow tail, and Dorado by our 21 anglers was the best trip of the year!” Garu

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