A harvest of love

By kateandcarla

October 11, 2011

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A few weeks ago, we decided that we wanted to spend this month celebrating all things harvest. Sarah, who made a beautiful contribution to the blog while we were discovering last April, shared this piece with me just a few days ago. Congrats, my friend– and very happy harvesting.

— Kate

Only a few years ago, a Midwestern Nebraska boy completely stole my heart over cups of black coffee, indie music, and lingering goodbyes in the crisp autumn air. That fall was the most magical and exhilarating  time of my life and each year as the breeze cools and the leaves fall I anticipate the arrival of those flutters; butterflies both in memories and new butterflies today.

Last fall we enjoyed our first year as husband and wife. We found out each other’s idiosyncrasies and loved each moment of one another over cups of black coffee and indie music in the autumn air feeling the fluttering of tiny butterflies everywhere.

Now, my Nebraska boy and I are preparing for another transition as we await the arrival of our first child. The cups of coffee may be decaf right now, but the music plays on and the enchantment of fall continues. His hand on my tummy creates new butterflies – I feel our little girl kick.

The harvest is more plentiful each year.


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