You are the best thing

By kateandcarla

October 16, 2011

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ever happend to me.

(Thanks to you, too, Ray LaMontagne).

After another Saturday morning spent crafting at our local library, we made our way down to the farmers market so we could let Lily wear her energetic little butt out stock up on produce. It was a Florida-perfect fall day (read: still 85 degrees with minimal humidity), and there were people (and pets!) everywhere. Dmitri’s much better at managing Lily in a crowd than I am these days–she is going through a Daddy phase, and I’m trying not to take it personally– so he helped her navigate through the slightly chaotic stalls (while holding a bag full of beautiful and ripe tomatoes, which she refused to let me carry– the horror! :)).

After watching the two of them for a few minutes, this guy– 40-ish and a father too, I’d guess–said, simply: Wow. Now that’s a really great dad.

My initial response, of course, came quickly and without much thought: he’s the best. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that, in just a few seconds, this man who’d never met my husband had been able to recognize what I so often take for granted.

Chances are that I won’t have the opportunity to really tell this guy, in person, how much I appreciate the fact that he cared enough to compliment my husband, so I’ll offer this instead: a genuine thank you, for the many-eth time, to all of the kind and generous strangers who keep showing up and reminding me to pay attention to what’s most important. Lesson learned.

And thanks to you, my love, for being such a brilliant baby-raiser.

You– and our little girls–really are the best thing.


3 Responses to “You are the best thing”

  1. And on behalf of all us little girls who didn’t have patient, attentive, interested dads, my heart flies out of my chest in a giant BLESS YOU to Dmitri each time you share a reminder of his awesome daddy-ness.

    • Your kind words were passed along to the hubs :). His awesome daddy-ness is worth celebrating, for sure. Have such a wonderful time with my momma this weekend! Hope you’re well!

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