Lily and the not-so-great pumpkin

Photo: Lily and Dmitri reading Olivia…post pumpkin disaster 🙂

Warning! This post is a little gross. Read on…but only if you’re ok with that sort of thing. Also, it’s about food. Which makes it worse. Sorry.

As much as I hate to admit it, I usually really, really love pumpkin season. I know it’s a totally overdone flavor these days, but, for a few months every year, I go a little crazy for pumpkin bread and beer and lattes and candles and truffles and fudge. My hankerings usually begin in early September and disappear totally around Christmas time, and by the time January rolls around, I’m ready for a few pumpkin-free meals.

Unfortunately for me, however, this year’s pumpkin season is already over.

Why, you ask? Two words: toddler puke. Ok, five words: toddler puke in the car. I don’t want to get too graphic, but let me assure you that pumpkin– and oatmeal– were involved.

Lily’s timing was impeccable– her stomach bug happened to coincide with her 18-month well baby appointment, so our doctor was able to check her out–and she’s feeling much better now; she was demanding crackers and juice and pink sparkly shoes by early afternoon.

But pumpkin? I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to touch the stuff until…well, probably until forever– or at least next January. So I’m going to need to get a little creative on the autumn dessert front; my must-make list is suddenly lacking. I’ve had success with a version of this before, and I’m just about positive that these puppies are next, but that’s it. I’ve got nothing else. And I’m aching to bake. Help!

What are your favorite fall flavors? Any wonderful recipes to share?

And equally awesome (but exponentially less appetizing): can anyone help me figure out how to get that smell out of my car?


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