Put down the pacifier!

By kateandcarla

October 26, 2011

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Photo: Lily and her binky back in July, when the addiction really took hold…

A few days ago, we took Lily to see her doctor for a regular check-up– and we were totally scolded for letting her use her binky past the 12-month mark.

Dmitri and I both felt pretty terrible; I’ve never been very good with criticism of any kind, and although he definitely has a thicker skin than I do, he’s pretty sensitive when it comes to Lily. So, of course, we vowed to do away with the pacifier ASAP. Because it’s really no big deal to give up something that you love and use regularly and rely on for comfort when you’re worried or sad or uncertain, right?

Yeah. Totally wrong. (Side note: As I write this, I’m eating cake. Funfetti cake with cherry gelato BAKED INTO IT, if you want to get specific. I guess I have a few binkies of my own.)

But yesterday afternoon, while watching this for the zillionth time, we stumbled upon this little PSA from Elmo. It was a sign, I think, that maybe all three of us need to get a little tougher, and maybe, possibly (even if it’s totally awful and no fun at all), it’s time for our little family to remember that the anticipation of the giving-up process is often a whole lot worse than the loss itself. 

We’re going to move slowly; I’m not sure if total binky (or cake…) abandonment by November 4th is a feasible goal. But I’d like to think that, some day soon, both of us Lily will get there :).

Spill it: what’s your pacifier these days? And, if you’ve had success breaking the binky (or brownies or cigarettes or nail biting or, ahem Dmitri, video game) habit, how did you manage to do it? We need all the help we can get.


3 Responses to “Put down the pacifier!”

  1. I don’t know of any child who went to school with a binky! Seriously, just have one binky and only allow at bed time. The binky will evently wear out.

  2. Whatever became of this? Did she give it up? Mags held on to hers until she was almost 2, and she turned out just fine. Trust me, everything will work out fine. It always does. My best advice, don’t believe the hype!

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