to find “a world ensouled.”

By kateandcarla

October 29, 2011

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There are books we read because they mesh with our mindset and allow us to reassure ourselves we’re on the right path. If we simply keep moving at the same pace on the same course, we’ll reach wherever it is we believe we’re intended to go.  And then there are books like this one.

I first read it in the late 1990s while sifting through some pretty amazing ashes to see what was left to build a next life. My first desire was to call the friend recommending it and threaten her with bodily harm. The second was to stop panicking, read it a paragraph at a time and do some soulful thinking. What if our soul does come into this world with its own agenda? What if, at some level, we chose those blueprints? What if blaming and belaboring–and bitching–is nothing more than wheel-spinning? That not-so-fun processing changed my context, which changed my choices, which changed my life.

So, when I heard that Jungian psychologist and Soul’s Code author James Hillman passed over this week, I stopped for some soulful thanking. For this book, certainly, which has been replaced three times on my library shelves because other searchers in my circle needed it more than I at the moment. But also for the countless authors who can spark us and shake us and send us down a more authentic path. Whether or not we agree fully, in part or not in the slightest with the theories they share is not the critical piece. They have the creative courage to make it available for discussion.

And when they leave, they leave us with a more soulful world.

That’s where I want to live.


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