dreams, pumpkins and second comings

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I’ve been recording my dreams for years–sometimes all and in detail, other times highlights and in haste. But one of my still unfathomable favorites was this:  The Second Coming does occur. On a weekend. But come Monday morning, the Christ has gone, having told those nearest him at the time that he had other places he needed to be. While puzzled by this new take on eternity, I very much liked the handwritten note he left on our collective table: “Thanks for everything.  Really loved the pumpkin.”

Got me. I was simply the dreamer.

But that’s not quite true. Because I believe our dreams reflect our process, I sense my interior was saying it was time to think differently–way beyond and back again. I believe the pumpkin symbolized a more well-rounded harvest of appreciation. And that saying even a simple thanks has a touch of divinity in it.

Which seems a  fitting way to finish this month of harvest-themed posts.

November, we’re thinking, should be devoted to your and our trips and tours and travels. The exciting journeys that take us to points and ports throughout the world, and those equally significant interior sojourns that yield their own souvenirs.

Because, ultimately, we all have someplace else we need to be. 😉

~Carla. 10.31.11


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