Mendocino County Scared Me to Life

Note: Dylan Lewis is a metro Denver attorney, rugby player, husband, father of two and, very important, Lily’s great uncle. We also know him as a kind and curious individual whose perspective is not always the anticipated. So we were delighted when he said he’d guest post in our “where I’ve traveled and what I learned” series. Thanks, Dyl! 

If entering Heaven actually involves some judgment of how life was lived here on Earth, apprehension must riddle the awaiting soul. “How am I possibly worthy? I wasted my time on Earth? I did not live how I could have …”

I’ve only had a flash of such panic in my life. I had it in Mendocino County, California.

In college my Pops planned a spring break trip to some place I’d never heard of. I presumed some bargain.

Was never conscious at the time that it was Pops who found Summit County, Colorado to rescue us from the grays and browns of a life working in downtown Chicago.

It was Pops who found a place displaying both God’s serenity and ferocious majesty where wine country meets the Pacific coast. Residents were lite-hearted and relaxed. Beyond a place to live it was a … way to live. This must be where God signed His canvas and what He has in mind for our time here.

Then came the panic, “I may go my whole life and never get to live HERE. I’ll have wasted the time on Earth … I have to make a plan … I have to do something …”

While we’re not in Mendocino (yet), that feeling will never leave me. I feel the panic to live life in color that my Pops felt. Now I understand. I now owe my family both the beauty of that place and to help instill their own sense of panic over their time here on Earth – to help scare them into life. 


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