post card from guernsey

By kateandcarla

November 19, 2011

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Once in a rare while, you open a book, travel back in time, are welcomed into the company of entertaining friends and get to share a powerful, factual experience. The Guernsey Literary and Potato-Peel Pie Society delivers that full basket. Don’t let the title turn you away: it carries considerable weight, as you’ll soon understand. And be ready for a conversation of letters, telegrams, personal notes…all things written.

The setting is the island of Guernsey–one of the Channel Islands between Great Britain and France–immediately after World War II.  I had never considered what the conflict was like for those between the warring shores–the decisions they were forced to make and the deprivations they endured. To have 24 hours in which to choose to send your children across the Channel to the mainland for presumed safety or keep them home, where food was running out. To comply with German regulations that meant death or deportation for neighbors. I can’t imagine.

But I did. For a few hundred pages and into the future.

And that’s the beauty of a book like this.

P.S. If you’re interested in a map of the setting and story, click here:,-2.5811&spn=0.121171,0.296288&t=h&z=12&msid=100914396836643406446.0004770085524a485bbdb

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