Happy (almost) Thanksgiving

Photo: There aren’t too many recent photos of the two of us lying around, so here’s an oldie. I have no idea what we’re saying (although it’s clearly hilarious)…but I think my mom looks lovely in her little black dress. Let the virtual catcalls commence ;).

When we published our first blog post one year ago today, we weren’t sure what our little experiment would become. Ultimately, I guess we just wanted to see if a project like this would make our lives better– and tonight, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I can say that the answer is absolutely, unequivocally, yes.

Although wee never called it a gratitude journal, this blog has, in a sense, served as exactly that: it is a place where we get to celebrate the things that please us and puzzle us and make us tremendously proud. We’re grateful for the conversations that it’s allowed us to take part in. We’re grateful for such a beautiful collection of friends and family who’ve supported us and shared with us and tolerated our almost-daily Facebook links (we’ll back off now, we promise!). But most of all, we’re incredibly grateful to have so much to be grateful for.

Thanks for supporting this project that has, without question, made our lives so much richer– and thank you, to infinity and beyond, for sharing your lives with us. Happy Thanksgiving.


Kate and Carla

P.S. If you decide that there isn’t enough dessert just lying around your house tomorrow, click here. I added butterscotch chips in addition to chocolate. I’m beyond grateful for  Kate-proof fool-proof recipes and delicious baked goods :).


One Response to “Happy (almost) Thanksgiving”

  1. I had no idea it had been a year! Don’t back off now…;-)

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