ghost load

Kate spent her freshman year at CU/Boulder as a resident of one of the Williams Village residential towers, sharing space and adventures with still-superb-friends Kins, Tessa and Sameen. A couple months ago, I was back at “WillVill” to see the amazing new student residence that my client Legacy Mechanical helped craft. (And which won them a 2011 ACE award…way to go, Scott and Don!)

If you’re into “green” building strategies, I think you’ll enjoy the clip below on this smart structure. Its energy and water conservation systems have made it the first platinum LEED facility on the University of Colorado campus and only the second such residence hall in the nation.

After seeing the now-occupied building, I got the inside tech story from the architects, GC, electrical and mechanical minds that developed the plan behind it. One point all made concerned the energy conservation systems built in to the student rooms that stopped “ghost load” electrical loss. Also called phantom power, this new-to-me-term refers to the energy that continues to be used by our electrical appliances when they are turned off but still plugged in.

What hit me was how that same principle plays out in our own personal energy systems. Even when we turn off our conscious thought from an outdated, outworn, outlived, out-evolved person/pattern/belief, we can still stay plugged in. Which means the energy we need for new encounters/relationships/challenges falls short…or takes us into a deficit demand we can’t afford. As I talked through it with my counselor/confidante friend Kristy, I described it as also “still keeping the lights on in rooms where I no longer live.”

We’re now 10 days from the Solstice and 13 from Christmas–both light-and-energy celebrations of the highest order. I’m thinking some phantom-load unplugging may be needed so the new current can flow in.

Photo: public domain


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