…and on Earth

Hearing the words “peace on Earth” as a leg-swinging, clock-watching eight-year-old in the polished pews of our Promise City church, I envisioned it as a powerful gift that would be delivered miraculously upon us by some external deity. It was a Some Day promise. And, truth be told, all kids intuitively know that when they’re given a Some Day timeline, the odds of the desired event’s occurring are slim and slimmer.

But as one of the late-’50s children  who soaked up Cold War chatter from adult conversations and worried endlessly without telling a soul, I was ready to believe in any concept that kept Krushchev from banging his shoe and the SAC fighters out of Omaha from breaking the sound barrier in our Southern Iowa skies.

Today, I believe in peace on Earth for another reason. For this Christmas morning, my friend Marvin is in Australia. My friend Helen is in New Zealand. Dorothy and her family are in Ireland. My friend Julian’s son, a long-time UNICEF worker in Myanmar, is on the scene in the Pacific Rim. My kids and friends–Susan and Pietro, Rebecca and John, Cindy and Mike–are on the east coast of the U.S; my brother’s family is on the west. My niece Kelly has the Gulf covered. Al’s sister and brother are fighting scorpions in Arizona. Alek and Elizabeth are in New Orleans. Old school friends Gary and Glenda are at work in the Pacific Northwest. I’m gratefully surrounded by peace-makers here in the Rockies. And, in the heartland, I personally know a host of people who continue to work quietly for fairness, justice and opportunity for those whose skin is a different shade and whose beliefs are not their own.

World peace. It’s already here.

We’ve just got to keep making the deliveries. 😉


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