I am in love with this calendar. The image, alone, is fun. But look past the directional sign to the dates and you’ll find the months are all there…but, well, RANDOM. Which is making me think, this second morning of the new year, how much more good 2012 might hold if I can keep my sense of possibility open.

For the truth is–and I’m not clear whether this is a trick of aging or simply a life illusion we all face from time to time–I’m guilty of turning an initially positive action that gives me energy into a negative one that steals it. A scheduled workout stops being a healthy release and starts becoming a dreaded must. A regular gathering shifts from how fun to how fast can I get there, get out and get home. And in my spiritual search, a ritual becomes rote.

Yesterday, Day 1 of 2012, my subconscious sent a little word zinger to the surface while I was journaling. “What’s the difference between a rut and a depression?” No joke.

RANDOM. As in odd and unpredictable in an amusing way (Dictionary.com).

Every personal year merits a watchword.

Think I’ll make this mine.

~Carla. 1.2.12


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