Little Sister

There are times I find it difficult to sort out what is big, what is small, what matters and how in creation some things occur as they do. Case in point, on all these variables: Sister. Nothing in the rational world explains how she happened to become part of my life.  And still, she has. And I am delighted.

Last year, Al had to say goodbye to three beloved creatures. I had been responsible for bringing two of them into his life. Why, exactly this has become my role, I’m not clear…but I do seem to have a knack for it. So when the time came for new furred members of the Williams tribe, I found Buddy, a sweet Siamese kitten, online at Boulder Humane. Just before Christmas, Al said he thought Buddy needed a pal, and asked that I start the feline-finding process.

I called a couple days later, said I was running to Target and asked if I should stop by Foothills Animal Center and just see who was there. He said sure, no rush, whatever. Winter is not kitten season, so I wasn’t optimistic. Which made this sky-dancing camo-colored furball a delightful surprise. A cell call later, Al was on his way out, cat carrier in hand. The rest is herstory.

There’s one more facet to this that brings me joy. When my friend Gail passed, nearly two years ago, her friends and family honored her life with a major gift to the then-under-construction Foothills Center. A sun-filled, cat-friendly space is the result.  And Sister is one of the beneficiaries.

Meow and amen.


One Response to “Little Sister”

  1. Sweet sweet sweet! I love calicoes. Give her hug for me.

    And bless Gail’s friends and family for making it possible for Sister to rule your lives from here on out. Because you know she will.

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