pencil ‘n paper

Okay, Dennis Huffine. You started this.

I opened your email and saw the web link:  Despite having a magazine at deadline, I couldn’t resist…and spent the next 20 minutes watching the stick girl I’d drawn battle fire, dragons and tidal waves…all to reach one lousy balloon. Which, come to think of it, has something in common with having a magazine at deadline. 😉

But even after I got back to billable business, I kept thinking of the games we played with pencil and paper as kids. You know, the ones your parents taught you early so you’d keep quiet in church pews and at community gatherings.  The ones that were on as soon as your mother fished that little spiral-bound pad from the bottom of her purse and found you a clean page. Tic tac toe. Hangman. 

Well, now those are all online.  In every configuration, imaginable. With how-to-win-at guides. Sound effects. Competitions.

Man, and we were just happy with a nubby little #2 graphite and the back of the grocery list.


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