yipes, stripes

My designer friend Helen and I were e-bouncing ideas for a small ad campaign yesterday when I suggested we go with a stripes theme. While she’s a swirl-girl at heart, she agreed on the colored bars approach, ending her last email with a reference to giving all customers free gum.  I laughed, for the same thought–and old commercial–had crossed my mind.  You know the one:  

And having found that one on YouTube, I couldn’t resist looking at others offered for my viewing pleasure (and procrastination.)  There’s a rather creepy one for Chatty Cathy  as well as several for Barbies, board games and building sets.

But I kept going back to the gum and the challenge it presented the creative team. Here, you’ve got this product for which the pizzazz is color. And your medium is black-and-white. The fact that we all still remember it decades later says they got several things right–from A (as in attitude) to Z (as in zebra).

And that silly song ‘n dance didn’t hurt, either.


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