my funny valentine

With a wedding on the near horizon for our extended family, I read our recent guest blogger Dennis Huffine’s post on essential questions for prospective couples with considerable interest. Personally, I surrendered my rights to advise any and all other persons on marriage when my second one ended.

But I have gained some insights about successful personal partnerships, business relationships, close friendships and family connections that I believe offer a cross-over benefit. And leading the list at #1 is this: if it’s going to last, there had better be laughter.

Like all natural gifts, some of us seem to be born with more humor mitochondria than others. Dissolving into giggles is in our DNA. Others of us need a catalyst for humor to make its way to the surface and into the conversation. But whatever our original style, it’s an area where some strength training pays super returns.

Learning what a loved one finds funny and sharing it is a gift. Teaching our kids the nuances and need for appropriate humor (and how to handle its opposite) may be one of the true treasures we bestow. And being able to find something mutually laughable in a troubled exchange can make all the difference in our lives. Individually and together.

Reminds me of that Rumi insight:

“Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I will meet you there.”


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