cover to cover

Kate tells me Lily has entered the stage of repetitive reading…that period of toddler time when if a book read once is good, the same book read 10 times, at the same time, might just be enough. Or maybe not. Funny how those developmental days seem endless when they occur and gone far too soon a couple decades later.

In our house, the book above made the Make-Mama-Crazy list every pre-nap, calm-down and before-bedtime reading session between 1986 and 1988. We must not have been alone, for it now has it’s own Facebook page. And its own Wiki entry,,_Furry_Old_Grover, just in case you don’t know it by heart as some of us do.

Candidly, I was a little sad it didn’t make the Top 50 Children’s Books of All Time, but 17 others of my personal favorites did. To simply see the titles–A Wrinkle in Time, Phantom Tollbooth–next to ones I remember a growing-up Kate loving–Number the Stars, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing–next to little Lily’s constant go-to Olivia…well, I can’t stop smiling.

Cover to cover, we are a family of readers. 😉

And now for the big question:  which of your family favorites made the Top 50 list?


3 Responses to “cover to cover”

  1. Well, my dad was tortured by a saccharine tale called Kittens Three (a very simplified drawing of it made it into So Big!). But my favorite books as a small child were anything by Dr Seuss and Beatrix Potter. As an older reader, I loved the Secret Garden and the Judy Bloom books.

  2. And let’s not forget Where The Sidewalk Ends… complete with drawings!

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