Post 1 in the Santa Fe series.

Somewhere between Denver and Jacksonville is a little box of hot heaven. The contents came from Kakawa, an unusual little place on Paseo de Peralta, just east of Canyon Road. I’d seen it a few weeks ago on the Food Channel show Heat Seekers and called Kate to share the vision. Start with a dried d’arbol chili. Dip it in first in agave caramel, then again in velvety dark chocolate.

 So while Saturday in Santa Fe was too cold and snowy for gallery gazing, it was perfect for stopping in at this dreamspinner of a shop. While coffee and tea are on the menu, the focus here is drinking chocolate. Elixrs, they’re called. There are European blends, including an Earl Grey, and MesoAmerican, from which I had a luscious sample. Oh, my. Smooth, not sweet, but with a depth of chocolate richness I’d never experienced.

As the young proprietor was wrapping the kids’ treats (and, yes, some of the dipped chilis made it into the box), I asked her about the shop’s origins. Opened about six years ago, she said. By an entrepreneur who had traveled the Americas and found the drink the Aztecs developed to be as divine as they did. The shop’s name, I learned, comes from the term for cacao beans. And the history, if you’re curious, is here:  http://www.kakawachocolates.com/chocolate-history.php

The YouTube clip below isn’t from Kakawa…but just in case you’d like to sample some, yourself… 😉 Better still…if you have tried it and have a concoction to share, please send it along. And should you prefer a chocolate “repurposing” recipe with a side of funny comments, do click the blog link below from yesiwantcake.com


P.S. And Kate, we ARE waiting for a review.


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