strategizing seventy

I clearly recall picking up May Sarton‘s book At Seventy when I was in my mid-30s and wondering what that threshold would feel like. In less than a decade, I will know.

Holy tessaract, Robin! How did that happen?

Since there’s no slowing the progression, I’ve decided I’ll shift my strategy to seeing 70 as I want it and watching for role models who have what I want then. For March 2012, the winner is: Aretha Franklin.

She was a vibrant voice on the senior soundtrack of the Class of ’68 with this:

In fact, it’s that soundtrack piece that raises the next question for those of us 60-plus. What will others will do with what we’ve done? Whatever contribution we’ve made–through our careers, with our families, in our communities–how will those pieces of us become part of the foundation for those who follow? What will have enough integrity to be of value? Two decades passed between the recording of Respect and its use in Michael:

And then there’s her gift three years ago, when she did a mini-concert for the country:

Thanks, Aretha, for the soul of 70.

Photo: Wikipedia


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