all the marbles

By kateandcarla

April 8, 2012

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On a hot August day in 2005, my sister Marilyn and I were helping our parents sort and pack their belongings to move north. As we worked, we laughed…partly because we loved having an opportunity to hang out for a few days and partly because it kept the mood light in a bittersweet moment.

Because we–and our parents–shared similar social views, and because 2005 was prime-W-time, there were snarky comments (mine) of a political nature and chuckles (theirs) to let me know I had a friendly audience. I think it was my mom who said it was a good/bad thing my brother Gary (R) [make that life-long, equally opinionated, staunch (R)] wasn’t there to defend his party.

Then came the telling moment:  cleaning out the television cabinet, I found what you see in the photo above. One trumpeting, worth-something antique elephant…and one poor plastic donkey with a broken leg barely affixed with packing tape. I set the pair on the coffee bar and asked my family members, in my best CNN-announcer voice, if they saw any political symbolism in the tableau. We laughed, again.

Considering the many beautiful and valuable items I might have brought home to Colorado, the fact that these guys made the cut tells me something. I smile every time I look at them. And the fact that the Grandma Lilly Thompson cookie jar between holds Gary’s marble collection, which he said I could have, adds to the ambiance.

For we are an all-American family. Blues/reds/purples. And we find a way to work around the differences.

In the genes?

I’m voting “no.”


5 Responses to “all the marbles”

  1. Sis,

    I wouldn’t even dream of attempting a literary duel with you!! It would be total and complete suicide on my part!!!


  2. But i have lost far too many of my marbles the last few months!! However, I am still a conservative very concerned about our coming loss of the world’s reserve currency. It appears to me that China with their untold trillions of US paper dollars will use them to corner the gold. When and if that happens, better have your kids and grandkids learn to speak mandarin!! Farm land prices are not skyrocketing for no reason!! You can’t eat gold but the movement of India, China, and the middle East into the 21st century, wanting the same live style we have enjoyed and coupled with the fact they have hoarded/coveted gold & precious metals for thousands of years causes me to worry about our children & grandchildren’s future!!

    • Well, you and everyone else knows my arguing markets and finances with you would be pitiful on a good day. Glad you are who you are…more than you know. 😉

  3. Hey, Gary, you clearly haven’t lost a thing — those marbles you thought you might be missing are just sitting on a shelf in Colorado! And I can’t think of a more fun place for them to hang out. If I could find the ones I seem to be missing (calling my own phone number and wondering why it is busy), I think I would put them in a jar and vouchsafe them with Carla too!

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