sweet masquerade

By kateandcarla

April 10, 2012

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Few things are sweeter to me than having the lives of two friends cross synchronistically and separate from my own. I take it as a personal shout-out from the Creator that it’s all good, so keep going.

It happened again, yesterday morning, when my astrologer pal Alicia–a former Denverite and now a SoCal gal–posted that one of her creations is part of this year’s Mask Project. http://www.themaskproject.org/Pages/default.aspx 

Alicia’s mask will be in good company, as entries for auction come not only from artists like herself (you can see her eco-aware art at http://www.etsy.com/shop/theupcycledword) , but from national and local celebrities, sports figures, media personalities, civic leaders, community members and those dealing personally with terminal conditions. The result is an artistic extravaganza that garners great financial support for Denver Hospice.

Each mask begins its life as the same, white bisque blank. So to stroll through the many-aisled gallery at Cherry Creek Mall and see the vibrant colors, feather flourishes, personal messages, social statements and glittering, roaring, comic, classic results is mind-bending. On so many levels, this–like Hospice–is a transformative trip.

But back to the friends-crossing synchronicity. As I’ve mentioned before, my neighbor Nancy was at Denver Hospice; she passed eight years ago…yesterday. But not before she painted a couple masks to be auctioned at that year’s auction. That was Nancy…kicking ass and thinking forward down to Day Last.

I can’t wait to walk the mask gallery this year. And Alicia, I’ll keep an eye out for your creation.

Glad to see you “put a bird on it.” 😉


One Response to “sweet masquerade”

  1. Very proud of you Alicia….Love Joyce

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