wit wit yam

A long photo merits a short story.

Lily is turning two. And as every parent, doting aunt and uncle, grandparent and godparent knows, being two means you sing. A lot.

My niece Angie, an elementary school music wizard in Des Moines, tells me that a preschooler may create  dozens-to-hundreds of songs a day. She adds that there’s virtually nothing a child can’t learn if it’s set to music. So, the magic is confirmed.

This week, I have heard variations of Open, Shut Them seguing with Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse merging with Twinkle, Twinkle tacked on to the hula song, which I do not know, from Lilo & Stitch.

But my absolute favorite is Mary Had a Little Lamb. Which Lily sings as “wit wit yam.” Except when that sideways grin she inherited from her mom appears and the lyrics change: Mary had a little goat.

All of which rushed in when I saw this pic. (Thank you, Marvin Tuttle.)

Cause it’s a wit wit yam.


One Response to “wit wit yam”

  1. Lovin’ this wit wit yam. The road, however, reminds me of the endless, straight as a string road through New Mexico to see my wit wit brudda. eeeek!

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