a pocket full of elephants

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day.

It’s part of National Poetry Month’s celebration of the rhythm, rhyme, reason and revelation packed in poems and ready for unwrapping. And, what’s delicious, is that you don’t have to know your free verse from your iambic pentameter to jump in and enjoy.

That’s the message kids countrywide are sharing with us this April day. Some classes, I understand, are even crafting the pockets in which to carry the poems, just to make access easy.

Should you want a ready-made, pocket-size poem of your own, click right here:  http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/409  You’ll see a bright array of options, each coded by a single word. Expect a surprise, because the greats–Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson–are hanging out with the likes of Shel Silverstein “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

My random selection reunited me with one of the very old, funny ones: “Eletelephony” by Laura E. Richards. New fact for me: Known as “The Queen of Nonsense Verse,” Richards was also the daughter of poet Julia Ward Howe, who penned “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

But back to elephants tangling with telephones, here’s a quick reminder:

I’m thinking–since nearly a century has passed since Richards wrote this, and given all the tech changes in telephony between then and now–we might help out with another line or two. My offering:

And dropping it is just as well…for the next call’s buzzing on your elecell.

Your turn. 😉


3 Responses to “a pocket full of elephants”

  1. The elecell is surely sweet…but I’m more of the mind to eletweet.

  2. Hah, hah! And take that! Hooray for the battle of wits!

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