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By kateandcarla

May 13, 2012

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Friday evening, I was a guest at a delightful wedding in Estes Park. The young couple was stunning, the dinner delicious, the music danceable, the vows heartfelt, the venue gorgeous…every facet fantastic. But even sweeter than the many-layered raspberry creme cake (oh, yeah) was simply sharing a table with parents of other kids from Kate’s middle and high-school years.

Three of us, moms of three bridesmaids, considerably older than when we hosted sleepovers, worked after-prom parties and survived a senior-year European adventure with 75 teens. And considerably younger, in some amazing ways. Which came as a surprise…rather like the spring snow that fell all night, bringing what was to have been an outdoor wedding inside. How unpredictable, these seasons of life.

That was my take-away from the evening. Well, that, a table-favor filled with chocolate and the tears that trumped my cynical self as the bride danced with her dad center stage and my son-in-law cuddled a pony-tailed Miss Lily. A few minutes later, the deejay would announce that someone named Kate Carwile Atrash also was celebrating a birthday and the singing began.

Whoosh. Twenty-eight years at the speed of love.

Happy Mother’s Day. 😉

Photo: Sharee Basinger, publicdomainphotos.com


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