I am searching for the rewind app.

You know…the one that allows you to walk back a week on your recent timeline and live every minute all over again.

It was a week that began with my holding a so-curious Lily at DIA while her folks arranged/recalibrated/rearranged considerable luggage and we collectively praised the designers of the Subaru Forester. A week that included a fun mountain getaway for a beautiful wedding, Lily’s first snow-on-the-tongue treat and an Estes Park send-off from a herd of 50 or so elk, drying their shaggy selves in the sun. A week that culminated last night with my great room alive with the noise of five tiny girls–from delicate three-month-old Harlow to a mischief-seeking trio of two-fers, jumping and jiving in my tiny library. And a few feet away, their mamas waited, three–maybe more–new babies “baking,” as Kate would say.

Before leaving for the airport this morning, she and I walked our favorite route to Red Rocks Community College. It has that feature you find a lot in Colorado, where you reach the top of an unremarkable rise and the horizon suddenly fills with the foothills, backed by snow-topped peaks. This particular one also includes green, green meadows, a white-spired church that has been there for decades and the copper tops of the new light-rail line that will begin running next summer. So the ancient touches the new, and the present telegraphs the future.

We talk of what will happen before they are here again. How the world will have changed. The many ways Lily will have grown. Of what she’ll remember of this past week.

Precious time.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!”  ~Albert Einstein


2 Responses to “timeline”

  1. I think about that all the time. I often wish I could rewind and relive all of my favorite memories. I’ve always imagined it as a rewind button on the VCR, but I guess your take is a bit more modern with an app. 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely time together.

  2. We have to rewind and live those memories in our hearts. Colorado would be one great place to have memories.

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