potty talk

These are toilet training days for a small Floridian family I love. Those of us fortunate enough to have raised children have indelible memories “of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” We recall the race to the finish line…the strategy of the game…and the language surrounding it all. Certain words become shorthand conveying the immediacy of the situation. And they’re often yelled by small shriekers at the most inopportune moment. For a brief time, potty talk rules our worlds.

Having laughed with Kate over these parenting realities set the stage for my reading this  NPR story: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/06/04/154294000/potty-talk-for-the-greater-good?ps=sh_botprev  It’s really worth your time, if you care about global health. The fact that something as simple as the modern toilet system has increased our life expectancy by as much as 20 years is amazing.

Some time ago, my friend Farmer Bob and I were talking about life as country kids in the ’50s. I mentioned my grandparents living north of Plano never had indoor plumbing. He said his Kansas homestead didn’t have it until he was in high school. We both remembered the outdated Sears & Roebuck catalogs that served double duty (no pun intended) as reading material and toilet tissue. But he won when he explained the growing-up guy’s page priority. Always save the lingerie section for last.

Photo: At the Bradley Hall Carriage House in Centerville. Question: Does it qualify as a porta-potty?


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