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David. Donald. Steve. Randy. Dennis.

The Bible with Charleston Heston. The Rare Breed with James Stewart. Beach Blanket Something-or-Other with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. And a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis double-feature that made me want to chew my arm off.

Yes, I have been thinking about drive-in movies. Ever since my friend Doris posted a black/white photo of the door-hanging drive-in audio device a few weeks ago and asked who knew what it was. The topic resurfaced when the kids and I were in Boulder and saw the Holiday Drive-In marquee up top; it now marks the entrance into a really cool housing development. Very few of the real deals around, anymore.

And then there’s today’s GOOGLE fun:  It honors the creator of the drive-in, Richard Hollingshead, who opened the first one on this date in 1933. I love that his initial business infrastructure consisted of a screen nailed to trees in his back yard, a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car and a radio behind the screen. Wiki reports that his first marketing message was: “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.” I’m thinking he could have used a good copywriter.

So, the cost of your ticket to today’s post is to share one drive-in experience–good or bad. Mine is a first date at the 2&65 Drive-In west of Corydon, Iowa, with a good-looking guy driving his veterinarian dad’s latest-model car with power windows. He fell asleep during yes, The Bible, and I froze my fanny off because I didn’t know how to close the windows and was too polite to wake him up. There was no second date. And if I never see Charlton Heston’s image again, I will be a happy, not-so-polite-anymore girl.

Your turn. And I want good stuff. 😉


9 Responses to “now showing”

  1. Oops…Charlton Heston…

  2. Oh my what memories. The first movie I saw at Centerville, that didn’t curtail me climbing out of the trunk of John Matkovich’s ’57 Chevy after the cartoon was over, was a Civil War movie entitled Shenandoah. I was there with my high school sweetheart Judy. Not too far into the movie the windows became too foggy to see the movie. I remember once looking at the screen and seeing someone get a sword in the stomach than my attention was diverted back to better things. Fifteen years into our married lives we went back to the drive-in in Centerville. The title of this movie is forever lost in fading memories, but I do remember “making the move” not too far into the movie and was met with “the stare”. It was than that I found a new love, the thinly sliced ham sandwiches with mustard and relish that had been served at the concession stand for years. As a teenager in southern Iowa just out of high school, I didn’t have the money for anything more than a Coke and popcorn. But 15 years later, with both of us working steady jobs, it was ham sandwich city baby!

    The memories I have of the drive-in before I was married are forever branded in the recesses of my mind. The memories after I was married are like the drive-ins………gone forever.

    What great childhood memories that I wish my children and grandchildren could experience. But with HBO, Blue Ray, etc. the drive-in has forever been lost to the ages.

  3. They showed movies at the drive-in? Who knew!

  4. First time: Blackboard Jungle in maybe ’55 with Glenn Ford and, I think, Marilyn Monroe (I’ll google that later) with Mom, Dad and Jerry and maybe Judy, at the Drive-In south of Centerville. Forever loved Glenn Ford and Marilyn in anything they did. Last time: Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood with my 2 young sons about 1991 in San Diego. Thankfully boys fell asleep before the headbobbing started in the car next to us…….

  5. My first drive-in experience was the Alley family and French family piling into one car and heading to Unionville (I think) on buck night. We saw Pa and Ma Kettle. Now that really ages me. Of course, my generation grew up at the drive-in in Centerville. There’s that infamous prom date when I fell asleep. He’s never let me forget it and reminded me again a couple weeks ago when I crashed his class reunion. 🙂 After I was married, we went to the drive-in west of Corydon….remember the one that was showing “Gone With the Wind” during the terrible tornado. (not really, but was always good for a laugh) Anyway, the tornado ended that era. One of last movies I saw there was with #1 son, Scott, and his dad. We took him to see Porky’s when he was 12 or 13. What kind of parents were we???? Oh…….the good ole days. 🙂

  6. Porky’s at 12 years old!!!!!!!!! You should be arrested for child abuse.

  7. while I have memories of the Centerville Drive-in that date back to when I was little…going in our pajamas with Mom and Dad….don’t think I ever stayed awake through to the end! Then there was the dating time of my life…I will leave it at that cause my experiences were not NEAR as interesting as you guys! I do remember that Marvin and I used to treat ourselves to Chips and AE toasted onion dip and Pop…heavenly! Then when we had kids, i found that we did the same as our parents…dress the kids in PJ’s and head off to DM…at that time I think there were still 2 drive-ins on SE 14th. Our kids haven’t experienced that much even though locally we still have a very nice Drive-in at Newton. So if any of you are ever in the neighborhood and can stay awake until the 9- 9:30 start time, take advantage of the experience once again! Hmmmm…maybe it’s true that we revert back to our childhood…so take my advice and go in your PJ’s. 🙂

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