daydream believer

My  friend Mike Alley just posted on his Facebook page: “Time to put summer in the tires and remove the winter air.” If you know Mike, you know he’s a very big guy with a wry sense of humor equal in size…evident in his follow-up advice that Big O is offering the service at no charge.

But knowing Mike just made it through a helluva winter with serious health issues, I’m thinking today’s funny note is his soul’s way of saying he’s taking a deep breath and starting a new season.

I’m searching for a deep breath, too, this morning. Yep, homesick. Again. [Thank you, Forrest Gump. 😉 ] My Florida kids have launched their tiny family boat into the seas of home ownership. And as excited as I am for them–and amazed how deftly they have made their decision, done their homework and set their sails to catch favorable winds–I want to be there.

Since I can’t be, physically, I’m daydreaming. I’m watching Lily and Charlotte race around a big backyard after living in a third-story urban condo the past year-plus. I’m running to Target with Kate to find window-coverings that fit the home and the budget. I’m waiting–impatiently!–for Dmitri to take the citrus salmon and Vietnamese chicken wings off the grill. I’m letting the winter air go and filling the space with summer.

This recent NPR article reinforced how good it is for kids of all ages to daydream.

 Which is probably why I’m magically hearing, sitting here in Colorado, ocean-loving Lily’s now-everyday plea: “Need to go to beach, Mama…need to go baaaddddd.”  Me, too, Lily.

Photo: Petr Kratochvil,


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